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  • TAGGING Blaine Anderson
  • TIME FRAME→ Thursday night, 7pm.
  • LOCATION  The Hudmel house, kitchen.

Blaine started this war and he knew what he was doing when he did so. Kurt had full intentions of making waiting just as hard on Blaine as it was on him. Ally and Finn were settled into the living room and Kurt could pretty much see them from the kitchen. He’d offered to make dinner tonight because while he loved eating out, he loved cooking more and Blaine said he wanted to learn at some point, he just assumed now probably wasn’t the ideal time.  Really teaching Blaine wasn’t the purpose of tonight unless it meant teaching Blaine not to tease him because that could also be suitable. At first he was cocky… Then of course silently dying at the things Blaine was texting hm because he wasn’t even trying to play fair.


Kurt had done a good job of keeping his distance this far but really… That wasn’t going to teach Blaine anything. Kurt had settled on making chicken noodle soup which involved cutting a billion vegetables, lots of spices, then chicken and.. Well, it was a lot of work but it was a cold day and totally delicious. He already had the onions and salary in the pot slowly cooking away and Blaine was in the middle of cutting carrots and despite how properly he was doing it, Kurt wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction. “No,” He instructed softly as he moved up right behind Blaine. He didn’t exactly mean to press into him like he had, it just sort of happened. Kurt’s hands had pressed along his hips for a brief moment until he smiled to himself. His chin rested down on Blaine’s shoulder as his arms came around him, sliding down over his fiance. “Thinner,” Kurt stated smugly knowing he was far too close to Blaine’s ear. If Blaine wanted to send him dirty texts and dirty song lyrics, Kurt didn’t need to play fair. “We don’t want huge chunks or they won’t soften quick enough.” He didn’t press into Blaine at all, especially not when his lips pressed lightly against his ear.. His teeth also certainly hadn’t caught his ear lobe before he pulled back. Kurt smiled happily as his chin rested back down against Blaine’s shoulder. His hands however went back to his hips but that just wasn’t enough.


He couldn’t help but smirk as his hands slipped down into the front of Blaine’s pockets. “Hungry?” He questioned absently, pressing into him once more.. Though his lips happily trailed along Blaine’s neck as he lazily watched Blaine cut the carrots - though that had significantly slowed.

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    TAGGING→ Blaine Anderson TIME FRAME→ Thursday night, 7pm. LOCATION → The Hudmel house, kitchen. GENERAL NOTES → >.>...
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    TAGGING→ Blaine Anderson TIME FRAME→ Thursday night, 7pm. LOCATION → The Hudmel house, kitchen. GENERAL NOTES → >.>...