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  • TAGGING → Blaine Anderson.
  • LOCATION → The Hudmel home and Lima, Ohio
  • TIME FRAME → Wednesday night
  • GENERAL NOTES → Kurt’s pathetic attempt at cheering him up.

Kurt had a very small window to make this work and that much he knew. The moment Blaine had closed his door to head down to take Puggy outside for a few minutes, Kurt was already sliding cautiously out off his bed and beelining straight to his bathroom. He was tired and still impossibly cold but at least the sore throat and migraine had vanished. Blaine had been taking supreme care of him and the two were missing a ton of school now and… Blaine needed a break. Today hadn’t been the greatest but even now, Kurt was determined to turn that around. He’d stripped from his clothes in a flash and nearly dove into his shower. The warmth of his bed and  his clothes were no longer there and he kind of wanted to die a little bit. He anxiously twisted the nob in the shower until boiling water was pouring down over his skin, hastily he tried to turn this into the quickest shower of his life but… Oh god, the heat felt amazing and he feared the moment he had to step out of the shower and back into the chilly air of his house.  

Ten minutes had at least passed before he’d managed to drag himself from the warmth, he’d wrapped himself in a towel but that hardly seemed like enough right now so he grabbed the bathrobe as well.. He hadn’t really used this so much within the past year but now he felt incredibly too grateful for the overly neglected piece. He’d regret this later but he needed to skip the skin regimen in order to get to the point of no return in time.. Instead, Kurt began brushing his teeth for the fourth time today. Blaine still hadn’t come back to his room at this point and Kurt was even more thankful for the extra bit of time. There were many ways you could instantly tell Kurt was sick, if the skipping of the skin routine hadn’t been enough, perhaps the inability to pull together an incredibly fabulous outfit would do the trick. He’d dried himself off hastily grabbed some socks and briefs and dove into his closet only to pull out with a pair of black skinny jeans.. From there he’d went to Blaine’s things and pulled a t-shirt and an overly fluffy hoodie. Alright so maybe Blaine’s home clothes weren’t wonderfully fashionable but they were warm, comfortable and most of all, they smelled like his fiance.  

He’d taken one glance at his reflection before wincing, Kurt still looked like hell and at this point in time, people were going to mistake him for the tackily themed monsters.  He’d headed back into the bathroom and grabbed a little bit of gel to run through his currently depressed looking hair though given the amount of time he put into it.. It was incredibly messy and some how he had a feeling Blaine would like it at least. Overall, he looked like a typical teenage boy and for anyone that knew Kurt, they knew that was the least typical thing ever. Kurt headed over his desk to grab his keys, iPhone and wallet only to hastily push them into the pocket over his stomach. He’d snagged one of his warmer peacoats from his closet along with a scarf before heading down stairs which seemed like the first time in forever. 

So maybe he didn’t want to go to some haunted asylum tonight, or to some horror corn maze… There had to be other things to do, right? There was the fair, even the less tacky corn maze, well no.. All corn mazes were tacky but still. Maybe they’d just go to some pumpkin patch and get a few for next week? Kurt honestly didn’t know, nor did he particularly care as long as Blaine got a break from taking care of him and he some how managed to force out a smile, it hadn’t even been long but he’d missed it ridiculously. By the time he’d reached the foot of the stairs, a small smile spread to his lips. 

"Hi." Kurt mustered quietly dropping his coat and scarf down on the couch before heading forward to Blaine who currently had his back turned to hang Puggy’s leash up, he really hadn’t given him more than a second to acknowledge the situation before Blaine was turning around and Kurt was sinking into his arms, securely wrapping himself around his overly perfect and beautiful fiance. "You’re incredible," Kurt stated sincerely allowing his slightly feverish self to press against Blaine’s forehead, "And you’re gorgeous, handsome, perfect, charming and I’m completely too lucky to have you in my life." He smiled at the last bit because it was impossible to think about his life without Blaine, "And you’ve honestly just been amazing and attentive and.. Everything," Because he really had been, "And I want to go out, take you out, if you will."He’d  twisted a little to place a kiss against Blaine’s cheek because even though his fiance had no problem kissing him, Kurt was still going to feel terrible if he got him sick. "I need air, the migrane is gone, my throat feels better and.. I’m still cold but,"  Kurt leaned back a little with a smile as he motioned down to Blaine’s sweater, "I think I’ve got that covered and if I don’t, I  have you and you’re close enough to being my own personal space heater so it’s a win, win, right?" He was giving the puppy dog eyes now plus he had the eyelashes out, looking down through them ridiculously as if they’d help his case at all. "And I really just want to see you smile and Halloween only comes around once a year and we cannot miss everything Lima is offering, can we?"

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    TAGGING → Blaine Anderson. LOCATION → The Hudmel home and Lima, Ohio TIME FRAME → Wednesday night GENERAL NOTES →...
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    TAGGING → Blaine Anderson. LOCATION → The Hudmel home and Lima, Ohio TIME FRAME → Wednesday night GENERAL NOTES →...